Swim Challenge Cascais

Video from the Swim Challenge in Cascais that i won!


National Championship Cycling

It did not end up quite the way i wanted it to do.

One of my main objectives for this season was the Time trial at the Nationals that i won last year.

I really wanted to do well on this race. I knew that winning would be hard as Daniela Reis (Professional cyclist & qualified for the Olympics 2016) is in a very good shape this season, but i believed in a podium.

7th place was never anything that crossed my mind…what a set-back!

TT 1

On the Time Trial Course

It was one of those races where anything that could go wrong went wrong. The course was very hilly and i knew it would be hard.

TT 3


I took off and was feeling pretty good. The first part of the course was a 2km climb. When i reached the top of the hill i had to change gears and what happened….? The chain jumped… I had to stop and try to get the chain back on. I was not able to solve the problem and had to wait for a support car to help me. I tried to keep the motivation high and i continued, but my chances of reaching the podium were gone…

The chain jumped once again 1km from the finish line, but i managed to solve it fast.

Yeah, a real set-back…

On Sundays road race i finished 5th which was a positive surprise. I was actually fighting for the podium till the last km, but once again my lack of cycling tactics were present. It’s just the 3rd road race i do, so i still have a lot to learn. One day ill reach the podium…

Nationals 4

The start of the 100km road race

Two more races awaits me before my summer break.

Nationals 3

NAtionals 1


Tomorrow it’s time to dress the Jersey that i won last year when i became National Champion in Time Trial.

cartaz campeonato

I have done 1 time trial since and i finished 2nd.

For some reason i just feel so damn nervous. I can’t remember last time i was this nervous. I’m not quite sure what I’m nervous about.  I’m not a cyclist, I’m a tirathlete and I’m not supposed to feel any pressure, but i do.


The Time Trial Course

I know that last week’s episode might have had an impact on my nerves. I also know that the course is very hard and not like the course i would have liked to race. There is also some pressure from myself to do well as I’m wearing that special jersey…so, yeah…I’m nervous.

Let’s see how it all goes tomorrow. The course is hard for me and for the other girls competing.


Checking out the course last weekend


It’s just been one of those very turbulent weeks…one of those weeks when you get perspective of what is important in life and what is not.

I have done some investigation of the head ache i have been suffering with for the past weeks. At first the doctor came up with a diagnosis that turned my life up side down. I think it was the three worse days of my life. But it all ended with happy news and im now back on track. I think that we learn from all good and bad experiences we pass in life and this was one of them. I think i really understood what is important and what is not…

I would definetley not have been able to pass this without my lovely family, godmother, friends and doctors…thank you all

So, now that im back on track ill race the Nationals in Time Trial on Friday the 26th of June. I have been stopped for a few days so i know i have not missed that much training, but it doesn’t matter.

In the beginning of the season i was very eager to do well on this race and try to defend my title but i think that ill just take it as it comes. Its just another race and as always ill do my best.

I was also informed earlier this week that i have been nominated as the female athlete of the year by Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Its a great honor to be nominated among athletes with such a stature. The prize ceremony will take place on the 1st of July at the Sporting Gala.

It will be Sporting members that will vote for their favorite athlete. So, if you are a member, go ahead and vote :o)


No racing tomorrow

Listening to my body and realizing when its time to stop or take a break for a few days has never been my strong side and is still one of my weaknesses as an athlete.

Everything was set for me to take off with the team and head to Fundao for tomorrows race when I all of a sudden realized that Im not in mental or physical conditions to race, besides i had doctors orders…”No racing for you Miss Larsson tomorrow”. Been suffering from a “strange” headache the past week and im making analysis to make sure its all ok. Im sure im fine and that its just tiredness, but the doctors doesn’t want to take any risks which is good…

I Love racing, but mostly i love to practice sports, its my biggest passion in life and i want to do it as long as i live, so there is no rush, is there?

Race weekend

On Sunday i raced twice that resulted in two victories. The first race was an open swim race, Swim Challenge Cascais (1,9km) and the second  was a bike race.

I’m happy with the swim. It was important for me to do a good result to gain back some confidence that i have lost in the water.


The swim race podium

The bike was hard, 30km flat out. As it was an open race i started together with the elite men…the first pack took off in a killing speed and I had to settle with the second group.


my trophy from the bike race

On Wednesday its bank holiday in Portugal and I’m racing in the Portuguese cup over the sprint distance. I haven’t raced any sprint distance since March. The main purpose is to help the team to get some important points.