Tomorrow it’s time to dress the Jersey that i won last year when i became National Champion in Time Trial.

cartaz campeonato

I have done 1 time trial since and i finished 2nd.

For some reason i just feel so damn nervous. I can’t remember last time i was this nervous. I’m not quite sure what I’m nervous about.  I’m not a cyclist, I’m a tirathlete and I’m not supposed to feel any pressure, but i do.


The Time Trial Course

I know that last week’s episode might have had an impact on my nerves. I also know that the course is very hard and not like the course i would have liked to race. There is also some pressure from myself to do well as I’m wearing that special jersey…so, yeah…I’m nervous.

Let’s see how it all goes tomorrow. The course is hard for me and for the other girls competing.


Checking out the course last weekend

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