National Championship Cycling

It did not end up quite the way i wanted it to do.

One of my main objectives for this season was the Time trial at the Nationals that i won last year.

I really wanted to do well on this race. I knew that winning would be hard as Daniela Reis (Professional cyclist & qualified for the Olympics 2016) is in a very good shape this season, but i believed in a podium.

7th place was never anything that crossed my mind…what a set-back!

TT 1

On the Time Trial Course

It was one of those races where anything that could go wrong went wrong. The course was very hilly and i knew it would be hard.

TT 3


I took off and was feeling pretty good. The first part of the course was a 2km climb. When i reached the top of the hill i had to change gears and what happened….? The chain jumped… I had to stop and try to get the chain back on. I was not able to solve the problem and had to wait for a support car to help me. I tried to keep the motivation high and i continued, but my chances of reaching the podium were gone…

The chain jumped once again 1km from the finish line, but i managed to solve it fast.

Yeah, a real set-back…

On Sundays road race i finished 5th which was a positive surprise. I was actually fighting for the podium till the last km, but once again my lack of cycling tactics were present. It’s just the 3rd road race i do, so i still have a lot to learn. One day ill reach the podium…

Nationals 4

The start of the 100km road race

Two more races awaits me before my summer break.

Nationals 3

NAtionals 1

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