Health riddle

Unfortunately i have not been able to go back to normal training since the Nationals in cycling.

I’m still suffering the same health issues as i did a month ago and the doctors are still investigating the reasons for my condition. Its been a very hard and tiring process. I just wish i knew what it was so that i could solve it as soon as possible.

Next week ill go through another set of exams to see if the doctors get any wiser.

I have authorizationĀ train, but im just training to maintain some kind of shape.

I wont be racing the last triathlon on the 17th before my summer break. There is no point racing with a body that is not 100%.

This weekend ill go and participate in a open bike race in Serra de Estrela. I will just take it as a workout with a different scenery…


Serra de Estrela

Life goes on and soon ill hopefully have some answers to my health riddle..

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