Podium at the first edition of Cascais Long Distance Triathlon

I finished 2nd this weekend at the first edition of Cascais Long Distance Triathlon.

I’m very happy with my 2nd place, but not quite with my performance, was hoping for more.


Female Podium


Part of female podium

I really wanted to improve the bike on this race, but it didn’t really happen…


Out on the amazing bike course

I started off with a good swim, was feeling quite comfortable in the water. Left the water in 2nd place and headed out on the bike.


Leaving the water

I don’t know what it is, but after a lap i lost quite some focus. I was passed by the girl that won and started the run in 3rd place.


On the bike

The run was hard. The heat was on and the course had a few short, but leg killing hills. The first lap i was feeling quite bad. Managed to shape up and i passed the girl in 2nd place with 8km to go.


Crossed the finish line in 2nd


Its over…

I want to thank my dear friends Sara and Andreas for the outstanding support you gave me on Sunday. It was great having you supporting me and share this moment with you.

Sara And Andreas

Sara and Andreas

I also want to leave a special message for my team mate Tamara who raced over the half ironman distance for the first time. We have trained together for this race. Her attitude and courage have been amazing.  Well done Tamara!


My dear friend Tamara out on the run

Last but not least i want to thank the organization for arranging such an amazing event and for inviting me to take part of it.


Part of Sportings long distance team


Cascais Long Distance Triatlhon

Sunday it’s time to race again. It’s time for the Half Ironman in Cascais that i have been preparing for the last 6 weeks. It’s the 3rd time racing over the Half Ironman distance. I feel that i have not yet showed all my capacities over the distance, but i also know that i need more races and more experience to do a good race.

LD 2

Click on the picture and check out the site

I have done my utmost to cope with training and the heavy and stressful work load over the past period and i feel that i could have not done more.

Expectations for Sunday…well, i would like to improve the bike segment. In the previous races i have clearly lacked focus during the bike.

The race is part of the National Championship for teams in long distance and i want to race good to contribute to a good team result.

I will do my best and enjoy racing over a very beautiful course!

LD start list

The start list for Sunday

Podium in Lousã

This weekend i completed another preparation race. It’s just missing two weeks to the long distance race in Cascais…

I did a 100km bike race in Lousã, Portugal.


Before the start

The course was very similar to the one i did in Serra de Estrela, Climbing, climbing and more climbing. However, compared to Serra de Estrela, the hills had perfect inclination and i managed to climb in a good speed.

We were about 1000 athletes racing over two different distances, 100km and 172km. I’m assuming we were about 30-40 girls racing over the shorter distance.


Joao, Carlos and Myself before the start…

Despite all the training and the fact that i had woken up at 4am i felt great from the start and i passed one girl after the other till i reached my final position which was a 2nd place.


The boys pushing me up the hill


Good sensations, beautiful nature and great company!!


The podium…


It was great being back racing, great to win the Duathlon on Sunday.


Some victories taste better than others. This was one of those victories that had the perfect timing, a victory that gave me a confidence boost that i needed badly. After a few months without racing and lots of health issues you tend to become a bit insecure and the motivation level gets low.


I knew that i would race tired. The previous week i had done a solid week of 22 hours of training. That might not be that much, but for a person with a full time job it is.

I started of the first run (5km) in a controlled pace. The objective was to manage to keep contact with the first girls. I entered in the first transition park in 3rd place. Did a very good transition and hammered the bike right from the start. The other girls took more time in the transition park and i managed to get a gap right from the start. The gap grew each lap and i entered the transition park for the last run with a 2min lead over the others.


Out on the bike course

The last run (2,5km) was hard and i ran as fast as i could after 5km run + 20km bike.


Last 2,5km…

It was a great feeling to race again and especially to go home with a victory in the luggage and a great 2nd place for the team.


Lovely team mates

This weekend im racing again, a 90km bike race!

Rugidos de Leão

Last year was brilliant, European Age Group gold, National Champion in time trial and many victories together with Sporting’s female team, a golden 2014.

This year has not been brilliant and obstacles have been continuing to appear along the way. It did not start bad as i managed my first objective by representing the national Team in the European Cup. After that i decided to focus my efforts on the longer distances

It started off well, but just one week before my race my body started complaining. Since then it’s been a bit of a roller coaster and nothing really stable. Have had some nice results, but yet some frustrations with a body that doesn’t want to cooperate. I’m well aware of that having a full time job and competing on high level is not an easy task and it’s quite damaging on body and mind. There are moments where i question this life style and wonder if it’s worth all the effort. I tend to always come to the conclusion that it does.

Yesterday was one of those days when i questioned it all again. I was very tired after a hectic day in the office and i still had a bike/run session to complete.


Tamara and I after have completing 160km on the bike…

The workout went very well and after the workout I got a call that gave me a motivation boost….

…It was a call from Sporting. They informed me that i will be given a very fine prize “Rugidos de Leão” at a gala that will be held in Leiria on the 13th of November. It’s a prize that will be given to ten Sporting personalities (athletes and staff). Hopefully mum and dad will be able to be present at the gala which will make it even more special.

There is a lot of hard work behind every single medal that i have won. To get the recognition from a club with a stature as Sporting Clube de Portugal is such an honor. They appreciate all the hours and hard work that i have put into Triathlon aiming to represent the club in the best possible way. I also feel satisfied. Satisfied with what i have been able to achieve during my years in Triathlon.

I will always be able to look back at this period of my life and feel proud.

It’s now time to focus on the coming races. Sunday I’m racing a sprint Duathlon in Cascais. The race will serve as a preparation for my Half Ironman on the 27th of September.

I’m looking forward racing again.


Happy Race Face