It was great being back racing, great to win the Duathlon on Sunday.


Some victories taste better than others. This was one of those victories that had the perfect timing, a victory that gave me a confidence boost that i needed badly. After a few months without racing and lots of health issues you tend to become a bit insecure and the motivation level gets low.


I knew that i would race tired. The previous week i had done a solid week of 22 hours of training. That might not be that much, but for a person with a full time job it is.

I started of the first run (5km) in a controlled pace. The objective was to manage to keep contact with the first girls. I entered in the first transition park in 3rd place. Did a very good transition and hammered the bike right from the start. The other girls took more time in the transition park and i managed to get a gap right from the start. The gap grew each lap and i entered the transition park for the last run with a 2min lead over the others.


Out on the bike course

The last run (2,5km) was hard and i ran as fast as i could after 5km run + 20km bike.


Last 2,5km…

It was a great feeling to race again and especially to go home with a victory in the luggage and a great 2nd place for the team.


Lovely team mates

This weekend im racing again, a 90km bike race!

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