DNF – Did Not Finish

I have not quit many races in life. During my 10 years as a triathlete i have quite one race before, a Duathlon back in 2008.

Since then, no matter how hard it’s been i never quite.

Saturday i didn’t finish the Nationals. I pulled over on the 2nd lap on the bike.

The race was going more or less as planned. I left the water in the second pack, nothing new for me.

I usually feel tired on the first lap on the bike, but then i recover.

This didn’t happen. I couldn’t breathe properly nor did i have power in my legs.

I’m usually considered a strong biker, but Saturday i didn’t even manage to stay with the other girls.

It was hard to pull over, not being able to finish. But at the time i thought it was the best decision.

My team mate Liliana won the Nationals and Tamara was 2nd in U23. Congrats girls!

Now ill have to recover mentally to start focusing on the last objective of the season.


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