The left knee

The MRI shows that i have an inner meniscus tear of 14mm  in my left knee. I also have some irritated ligaments, tendinitis and the baker cyst is a bit swollen.

No there is nothing to do but to wait for next week’s appointment with the knee specialist and book the surgery. I hope that i can have the surgery as soon as possible so that i can start the recovery program.

I have kept swimming (with pull buoy) and some gym workouts to not stop completely as ill be forced to do so after the surgery. The pain doesn’t allow me to complete any bike or run workouts at the moment, besides i do not want to stress my ligaments and tendon any further. We need to learn when it’s time to stop.

I believe that everything that happens to us in life is for some reason, good or bad. I’m very sad that i don’t get to race this weekend, but on the other hand it’s good to rest. I have put my body through quite some suffering this season and it’s been hard for me to keep the mental strength. Let’s remind ourselves that a strong and positive mind is as important, or even more important, than a fit body.

I wish all my team mates the best of luck on Sunday, especially Tamara. We started the long distance journey before the race in Cascais and the plan was to end the season together on Sunday. I know that she will do a great race, she is fit for fight.


Season 2015 is over…

There will be no nationals for me on Sunday; my roller coaster season is over.

My left knee decided to stop cooperating a week ago and I’m not able to run.

My initial idea was trying to push it through the race, but the pain is too strong.

The doctors are almost 100% that it’s the meniscus and i will need surgery. I’m doing an MRI on the knee today to get more precise information about the injury.

It’s hard to end the season this way, especially as I’m feeling fit and was looking forward racing on Sunday.

I’m very lucky to have great support from Sporting’s medical team and I’m sure that the recovery will be fast.

Big thanks to everyone who has supported me during this season!


RFM – Rocha no ar

Yesterday i was invited as a guest to the Portuguese radio channel RFM to attend the show Rocha no ar!


Carla Rocha and I 


In the studio

Triathlon, Sweden, Swedish (translating Portuguese songs to Swedish) and Portugal were part of the topics that we spoke about.

The show streamed last night at 9pm.



Loved the experience and it’s something i would do again if i had the opportunity.


Rugidos do Leão

It was a true honor receiving the award Rugido does Leão last Friday. An award that reflects all the results i have had during my years as a Sporting athlete.


Jorge Jesus – Sportings Coach


Together with the president of Sporting Clube de Portugal

It was even more special as mum and dad were present and could share this moment with me.


Mum and dad


Thank you Sporting Clube de Portugal and Mr. Diniz for making me feel part of one great family.


Saturday morning we went to visit the Sporting museum in Leiria. A very impressive museum that was created by Mr.Diniz


Together with Mr. Diniz at the Sporting museum where my picture is hanging among great athletes.



Sportings Museum in Leiria


Is the country where i have almost spent 12 years of my life, the country that i call home.

Portugal might not be known as the most stable when it comes to its economic situation, or might not offer the best work conditions, but there is something about this country, something special…

If I had never moved here i would never have started to practice Triathlon, experience what i have done through the sport and meet all the amazing people i have met over the years.

Portugal has given me a lot and hopefully it will continue to give me more experiences that ill remember for life.

What about a 4 hour bike ride, 25 degrees and with a breath taking view…

Obrigada Portugal!




3rd at the Nationals for Teams

We did 3rd at the final stage of the National championship for teams which means that we ended up on 3rd place in the Championship.


The podium

I have no doubt that we could have done a better result overall, but we did not finish one of the stages earlier this season which penalized us on the final result.

Time trial is so much fun. The team has to swim, bike and run together and three members of the team have to cross the finish line at the same time.

We were four girls heading out for the swim, Myself, Liliana, Monica and Ines. The idea was for me, Liliana and Ines to finish the race. Monica would serve as a back-up plan, just in case any of us got into trouble.

The water was rough and the current was very strong. My team mate, and super swimmer Liliana took off and we tried to follow which is a hard task. I got stuck at the first buoy, almost entering in panic for a while. Ines never managed to pass the second buoy due to the strong currents and there was a bit of a confusion exiting the water.

Liliana thought that she had been disqualified for not passing the buoy and told us in the transition park that Ines was no longer counting for the team. This was a mistake. The referees didn’t say anything so Ines could have continued with us. Lessons learned for next race. If the referee doesn’t say anything in the transition park its all good.

Out on the bike i pushed the 20km. I had full cooperation from my body and was feeling good.


out on the bike

Blog 3

Looking back to make sure the girls were there…

Monica managed to keep up on the first lap, but on the second lap i had to slow down as she was starting to fall behind.

Blog 1

Arriving to the transition park

On the run Liliana and i supported Monica to complete the last 5km.

Despite the fact that i know we could have done better i still had loads of fun.

Now back to the last training block heading towards the last goal of the season.