The left knee

The MRI shows that i have an inner meniscus tear of 14mm  in my left knee. I also have some irritated ligaments, tendinitis and the baker cyst is a bit swollen.

No there is nothing to do but to wait for next week’s appointment with the knee specialist and book the surgery. I hope that i can have the surgery as soon as possible so that i can start the recovery program.

I have kept swimming (with pull buoy) and some gym workouts to not stop completely as ill be forced to do so after the surgery. The pain doesn’t allow me to complete any bike or run workouts at the moment, besides i do not want to stress my ligaments and tendon any further. We need to learn when it’s time to stop.

I believe that everything that happens to us in life is for some reason, good or bad. I’m very sad that i don’t get to race this weekend, but on the other hand it’s good to rest. I have put my body through quite some suffering this season and it’s been hard for me to keep the mental strength. Let’s remind ourselves that a strong and positive mind is as important, or even more important, than a fit body.

I wish all my team mates the best of luck on Sunday, especially Tamara. We started the long distance journey before the race in Cascais and the plan was to end the season together on Sunday. I know that she will do a great race, she is fit for fight.


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