Back in the pool

I could never had imagined to have such a speedy recovery as i had after this surgery.

Wednesday i started to walk without crutches, yesterday i took of the stitches and today i was back in the pool for a very calm and easy swim. It will take some more time before i get to run, but just being back in the pool is great.

There is no doubt that the main reason for this is due to the great physiotherapy i have been doing at ComCorpus. They have all the recourses to put an athlete back in no time. One should never underestimate the need of physiotherapy after a knee surgery, its so important. This is not only valid for athletes, but for any person that goes through a knee surgery…Invest in a good recovery




At the pool in ComCorpus



At ComCorpus with my physiotherapist Luis




The way back has started

Almost a week has passed since i finally had my knee surgery. It was supposed to be on the 12th but the doctors anticipated the surgery with almost a week which Im very thankful for.

Everything went very smooth and Im recovering very well! No pain killers have been needed in the process and next week i should be back in the pool.

There is no doubt that i have had the best medical support throughout this journey and my recovery has gone very smooth thanks to the excellent physiotherapists team at ComCorpus Clinic. 


Relaxing with some ice after a physio session at ComCorpus Clinic


A big thanks to Dr. Frederico Varandas, Dr. Pedro Pessoa and the team at ComCorpus Clinic.



Happy New Year

Lots have happened since i last wrote. Christmas in Sweden, turned 31 and a New Year has started.


Dante and I during Christmas in Sweden

My training regime remains pretty much the same. Focus on swim and gym. The knee is not hurting that much anymore which allows me to ride my bike during the weekends.


Coolest B-day cake i ever got! Thank you Monteiro and Saiote

B-day 2

Another picture of my amazing cake

The surgery is finally booked for next week, on the 12th of January. Can’t wait to start the recover process and get on with some real training.