Starting from scratch

Lots have happen since last time I wrote.

The treatments at ComCorpus clinic have been going well and I’m back in the pool, on the bike, running and I have completed my first race last Sunday…

I operated my right knee 3 years ago and the comeback was much easier back then. I was 3 years younger and I think I had more energy to through the comeback process back then. Since 2014, when I had my best season I have been going through a roller coaster…lots of ups and downs.

It’s not easy to do your first race after an injury. It’s not about the physical part, I knew that I wouldn’t be in any wonderful shape, but the mental part is hard. Many athletes don’t want to return racing until they are in great shape as they are afraid to “fail” and not perform on their usual level.

Sunday’s race was very competitive. We were 70 girls with different nationalities. Last year I did one of my best races on this course and qualified for the European Cup, this year I didn’t do well. I wasn’t expecting to do so, but it hurts anyway. I’m used to race on another level and I was not even close to that on Sunday. I have explanations for my performance. I know I have just trained for about 2 months and that I had a knee surgery in January, but I was expecting a bit more. I just have to realize that I need to start from scratch and fight my way back…


My dear friend Vera Vilaça supporting me at the finish line…

Next weekend I’m back racing again, both Saturday and Sunday. All these races serve as a preparation for my main goals this season, the European AG Championship in May and the Time trial in cycling in July.

I’m looking forward to those races, especially the cycling time trial. This year I will not only be representing Sporting Clube de Portugal in Triathlon but we will have a female cycling team too. I’m super happy to be able to represent my club in cycling.

Today I got a real nice surprise… I got a parcel sent to my office with a new helmet from Spiuk  :o)  it was love at first sight! Thank you so much Spiuk Portugal for standing by me in good and bad moments, you are great





My fancy personalized helmet from Spiuk!

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