One step at the time

Busy weekend, with races on Saturday and Sunday!

I was feeling much better racing this weekend than the previous one. Much had to do with the fact that I approached the race in a different way mentally. I wasn’t nervous at all; in fact I was almost afraid I was too calm.

The two first races of the season are always the most competitive. We have athletes from Brazil, Spain, Poland, Chile and Mexico taking part of the race. This is very good to increase the level of competitiveness.

Saturdays race  I was over a sprint distance, counting for the Portuguese Cup.

The swim was chaotic. It was windy, choppy and almost impossible to swim. Despite a hard swim I exit the water in a slightly better position than last weekend.

The bike was a pure pleasure. It must have been my new helmet, OBUSS, from Spiuk that gave me the extra kick.

Pushed hard for 20km and managed to reach the chase pack.

Blog 2

Pushing the girls…

Blog 5

The run was hard, still missing lots of training, but even so I managed and finished 14th among 60 girls. I’m very pleased with my result.

Blog 4

Out on the run

I was the 3rd athlete crossing the finish line from our female team, which meant that I closed the team and we did 2nd among all female teams. We aim to win the Portuguese Cup this year, so we are of to a good start.

I’m still far from a good shape, but I’m trying to take it one step at the time and celebrate small progression

Blog 1

On the podium with the girls, a nice 2nd place for us

Blog 3

Myself, Vera and Mafalda after the race – Happy Girls

Sunday we had the mixed relay on the schedule over a super sprint distance. We were 2 boys and 2 girls on the team. Everyone had to complete a super sprint (300m swim + 10km bike + 2km run). These races get harder the older you get, full speed from the very beginning. I had so much fun and did a really good 3rd leg of the relay. I managed to recover 5 positions over the very short distance. Once again my bike was the highlight.

Sporting had two teams participating and our best team did a fantastic 2nd place.

To end a long weekend of races we road our bikes for 70km…I can tell you that my legs were complaining quite a lot.

The roads from Algarve to Lisbon are anything but flat.

Motivation is high and ill continue my work towards the main goals of this season…

One step at the time…



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