Race weekend

If everything goes well, in a month’s time I have completed the European AG Championship in Lisbon. I’m super motivated! It will be such a special event. Being able to race at “home” in front of friends and family, one could not ask for more. It’s also very special as my father will race in his age-group (60-64). I’m so proud of him. He has been training all winter and spring to prepare for this race, his first triathlon. I’m sure that he will enjoy it very much.

So, last post was about bad running form. It seems that when I right about stuff they improve. The run that was lagging has started to improve and last I did some nice 800m series on the track this week.

Tomorrow I will try my run form at the sprint distance race in Leiria. I’m not rested for this race, but it will serve as a good workout. The race will be important for two of my team mates that will try to secure their qualification for the Elite Europeans. They are in great shape so I think they will manage to qualify without any major constrains.

After the race in Leiria ill “rest” a week and then it’s the half ironman in Lisbon, the first long distance for this season. It will be a busy month of May, but I’m very motivated and ready for the coming challenges that lies ahead of me…


A picture from the European Cup in Quarteira…





Swim, Bike….and Run…

It’s missing a bit more than a month to the European Age Group Championships that will take place in Lisbon. This race will be my main goal this season and it’s special as I will race in Lisbon.

I have decided to race over the sprint and Olympic distance. The sprint race is on Friday the 27th of May and the Olympic distance race is on Sunday the 29th.

I will race twice before the Europeans. First up is on the 30th of April in Leiria and then ill race the half Ironman in Lisbon on the 7th of May.

Training has been going very well, especially the swim and bike. I’m finally starting to feel good in the water and enjoying the bike workouts a lot. The struggle at the moment is the run. I lost a lot while I was stopped for almost 4 months due to the knee injury and I have not managed to recover any good run shape. Last night I went to the track and did 12×400, first track session in 7 months. Ouch, it was very painful. I have the lungs, but the legs are not cooperating at the moment.

The focus during the coming weeks will be on the run. I really need to get back to a solid running shape again…


TRIVIUM by Spiuk

Im really lucky to have had the support of Spiuk for some years now. They have provided me with high quality material for training and races.

Last week i got the new triathlon shoes , TRIVIUM.

Transitions are crucial in triathlon races. Every split second matters, and triathletes must be fast and stay focused. The TRIVIUM shoes have been designed to make transitions easy, so that you can put them on and start pedalling before your rivals in the stressful start of the bike ride.


The new shoe from Spiuk, Trivium – Click on the image to get more info about the shoe

I tried them out this weekend and i really like them. They are very comfartable and gives good stability.

Its a shoe that i truly recommend to all of you triathletes out there.

European Cup in Quarteira…Race report

It has taken some time for me to be able to write about this race… The European Cup in Quarteira.

There have been so many mixed feelings after the race that I really needed time to reflect over everything that happened.

I knew that I was coming into this race with only 7 weeks of training in my luggage. I knew the start list would be stronger than any other year; nevertheless I wanted to give it a try.

This year I was feeling calmer than ever and I didn’t really feel any pressure, but I surely wanted to finish the race. When you represent a nation you want to give your best and honour the fact that you have been selected.

I never ended up finishing the race; I was lapped on the 5th lap on the bike which meant I had to pull over. I have never felt as hopeless as I did that very moment. I sat down on the side walk and tears were burning down my cheeks…I just wanted to disappear for a while. I could not really believe what happened.

I was not sad cause I was lapped. I was lapped by two english girls, one of them Lucy Hall who is one of the best cyclists on the WTS curcuit…I was sad because the mistake I had done in the transition park cost me the race.How could I do so many mistakes on such an important race?

I have done so many transitions in life, but never have I done one as bad as I did this time. I came out from the water in the last pack of girls. I was really happy to be among a small pack. I ran to the transition and for some reason I took my bike without putting on the helmet first!! Don’t ask me why I did it, because I have no answer. The referee screamed at me. I dropped my bike, the helmet flew to the ground. I put on the helmet as fast as I could and ran after the group that was disappearing from my site.

Blog 1

In the transition taking of the suit – before my big mistake

Blog 2

Transition park

I did a poor jump to the bike and I never managed to catch the girls…This was the beginning of the end of my race.

I never really recovered mentally from that point…I was fighting, but yet I was so angry. How could I have done so many stupid mistakes…

I’m ok now, looking ahead of what is coming. This was never any objective for this season, but one wants to make a better result when representing a nation.

Blog 4

fighting alone on the bike

A big thanks to everyone who supported me before, during and after the race.