Race weekend

If everything goes well, in a month’s time I have completed the European AG Championship in Lisbon. I’m super motivated! It will be such a special event. Being able to race at “home” in front of friends and family, one could not ask for more. It’s also very special as my father will race in his age-group (60-64). I’m so proud of him. He has been training all winter and spring to prepare for this race, his first triathlon. I’m sure that he will enjoy it very much.

So, last post was about bad running form. It seems that when I right about stuff they improve. The run that was lagging has started to improve and last I did some nice 800m series on the track this week.

Tomorrow I will try my run form at the sprint distance race in Leiria. I’m not rested for this race, but it will serve as a good workout. The race will be important for two of my team mates that will try to secure their qualification for the Elite Europeans. They are in great shape so I think they will manage to qualify without any major constrains.

After the race in Leiria ill “rest” a week and then it’s the half ironman in Lisbon, the first long distance for this season. It will be a busy month of May, but I’m very motivated and ready for the coming challenges that lies ahead of me…


A picture from the European Cup in Quarteira…




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