Double European Champion

If I would chose the most special moment of my life as a triathlete, this certainly was the moment. I will never forget this weekend.



Two gold medals

I came with an objective to win one medal and ended this weekend as a double European Champion in my age group (30-34) winning the sprint distance on Friday and the Olympic distance on Sunday.


Me and Gabi…

I can’t really find words right now describing how it was to win these gold medals at home, in front of the Portuguese crowd, mum & dad, André and my amazing support team from Sweden Sara and Andreas. It just means the world to me…


Heading out on the bike

A Big thanks for everyone who has supported me on this journey, forever thankful.


Me, Mum and Dad





It’s just a week missing till my main objective of this season… the AG Europeans Championship.

It’s usually hard to set objectives for an Age Group event as you never really know the level of the other athletes. Some have results from other events and some are unknown.

Despite this fact my objective is to get a medal, preferably getting my title back that I won back in 2014 at the AG Europeans in Kitzbühel.

Training has been going well, pulled of a nice track session Wednesday (5x1000m) and I’m feeling strong on the swim and bike. This weekend I’ll do my last series on the bike and then the taper starts…

Below is the start list. I will race in the Age Group 30-34 in sprint and Olympic distance.

To see the start list click here

To get more information about the event click here




Two weeks…countdown

Its missing two weeks till the Europeans, my main goal of this season. The victory last weekend surely gave me a confidence boost.

I have been recovering quite well from last weekend’s race and I’m back training again. This week has been mainly easy training and I will start the harder workouts tomorrow.

Working full time and training on high level is never easy and right now the pressure is high in the office. It’s amazing how much psychological pressure wears you out, even more than a hard workout. To get enough rest has always been the biggest challenge for me. To make sure I get rest before the Europeans I have decided to take 4 days of vacation, I really want to give the body a fair chance to rest.


A warm hug from Coach Andre after the finish line in Lisbon

Victory in Lisbon

I never thought i would write about winning the International Long distance triathlon in Lisbon, but thats what i did yesterday. I won my first half ironman race of the season by 6 minutes. I shared the podium with a Danish and British girl. I sort of dreamed about a podium, but i never thought i could be close to winning the race.

Lisbon 2016 2

The Podium

Despite the extremely hard weather conditions (rain and storm), the race went well from the beginning till the end. Managed to do a good swim and left the water in front with the Danish and British girl right behind me. Out on the bike it was me and the Danish girl that kept the pace for the almost 90km. I have always struggled with the bike during long distance races, never managed to show my real cycling capacities, but yesterday was different. I felt really good and never lost any focus. I would also say that it has a lot to do with my new bike that i bought. My Boardman Air TT 9.8. What a bike!


Riding my Boardman through the storm

We opened up a 15min gap on the bike and we hit the run. I was a bit nervous about my run form as i have not managed to put so many km´s in my legs, 21km is quite a big deal after a hard bike. I opened up a gap on the Danish girl right from the beginning and it kept growing. During the last lap i understood that the victory was mine. I had so many feelings passing through my mind that last lap…

It was special to pass that finish lap as a winner, extra special as my mother had come from Sweden to see my race and support me.

Lisbon 2016-3

Crossing that finish line…

This is probably one of the sweetest victories in my career so far. It came in a moment when i really needed a good race, a confidence boost. The beginning of this season has been hard with quite some setbacks.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey, especially the great team at Comcorpus who has made it possible for me to get back so fast after surgery.

I also want to thank all the volunteers out on the course. It was not an easy job to stand out there in the rain…

Now its time to rest for a few days and then get back to work. Its only missing 3 weeks till my main goal, the Europeans in Lisbon.




Today i got a call to talk a bit about my expectations for the Europeans 🙂

Enjoy the reading

Katarina Larsson aims for the medals at the Age Groups

Race Report

The level of the races in Portugal is getting and better and more girls are participating. A few years ago we would be around 10-15 girls and this year it’s been an average of about 60 girls racing. We have also had the privilege to race against the Brazilian Olympic athlete Pamela Oliveira who has been participating in most of the races here in Portugal to support her team.


The wind and the heat struck me…Pamela and Carolina supporting after the race

It’s great for the evolution of the sports to see more girls on the start line and to see the level rising.

Despite going into this race tired, I’m very satisfied with my performance. Did my best swim of the season, a very strong bike and ran well taking in consideration that I pushed hard on the bike. It was important for me to swim well to get some confidence back.


Out from the water and running towards T1

I’m also very pleased with the run. I managed to stay in a group with girls that have run faster than me this season. They did a strong spring in the end, but I managed to stay with them for 4,9km.


pushing hard on the bike

With my individual performance I managed to close the team and we ended 2nd. Congrats to my team mate Lili who did 2nd overall and has secured her spot at the European Championships, well deserved.

I’m recharging batteries now and preparing for the next challenge, Lisbon Long distance Triathlon that will take place on Saturday, 7th.


Post race hug from Rita