Victory in Lisbon

I never thought i would write about winning the International Long distance triathlon in Lisbon, but thats what i did yesterday. I won my first half ironman race of the season by 6 minutes. I shared the podium with a Danish and British girl. I sort of dreamed about a podium, but i never thought i could be close to winning the race.

Lisbon 2016 2

The Podium

Despite the extremely hard weather conditions (rain and storm), the race went well from the beginning till the end. Managed to do a good swim and left the water in front with the Danish and British girl right behind me. Out on the bike it was me and the Danish girl that kept the pace for the almost 90km. I have always struggled with the bike during long distance races, never managed to show my real cycling capacities, but yesterday was different. I felt really good and never lost any focus. I would also say that it has a lot to do with my new bike that i bought. My Boardman Air TT 9.8. What a bike!


Riding my Boardman through the storm

We opened up a 15min gap on the bike and we hit the run. I was a bit nervous about my run form as i have not managed to put so many km´s in my legs, 21km is quite a big deal after a hard bike. I opened up a gap on the Danish girl right from the beginning and it kept growing. During the last lap i understood that the victory was mine. I had so many feelings passing through my mind that last lap…

It was special to pass that finish lap as a winner, extra special as my mother had come from Sweden to see my race and support me.

Lisbon 2016-3

Crossing that finish line…

This is probably one of the sweetest victories in my career so far. It came in a moment when i really needed a good race, a confidence boost. The beginning of this season has been hard with quite some setbacks.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey, especially the great team at Comcorpus who has made it possible for me to get back so fast after surgery.

I also want to thank all the volunteers out on the course. It was not an easy job to stand out there in the rain…

Now its time to rest for a few days and then get back to work. Its only missing 3 weeks till my main goal, the Europeans in Lisbon.



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