Ready or not here i come…

Tomorrow its time to race the Nationals in time trial, cycling, my second objective for this season…

Since the Europeans i have mainly focused on the bike and its been going quite well till last week when i caught a virus and got pretty sick for a few days. I dont believe that it will effect the result, but i missed the last important workouts and it did impact a bit on the mental part.

The race will take place in the north of Portugal in a small village called Vila Flor. We checked the course earlier today and its not my kind of course. Its quite technical (my opinion) and it starts of with a 1.2km hill that will kill the legs right from the beginning. Well, i guess its the same for all of us. All i can do is go out there, suffer and do the best i can…

Time trial


Thank you Coach Campos

Back in 2010 I started to be coached by Andre. At first Andre just coached me in swimming and later on became my coach in all disciplines when I joined Sporting in 2011.

Before 2010 I didn’t take triathlon so serious, but by having a good coach by my side and seeing developments on each and every workout gave me the motivating to strive for more, to reach another level. I wanted to become the best I could with my capacities (time, physical and mental capacities) since 2010 when I won my first Portuguese cup many titles and medals have been won…

I have won 4 European medals (3 gold & 1 silver), I became National Champion in cycling, I won various national races…I could go on and on about every single medal that I have won. At the race day it’s the athlete standing on the start line, but there is always a great coach behind every single achievement. A coach that is there with you every single day of the long and sometimes very hard journey…

Looking back i could not have chosen a better coach. Its not always been an easy journey, but we surley succeeded many times.Thank you Andre for all these years and for all the support you have given me. We still have some objectives left for this season and I know we will do our utmost to achieve them…

Obrigada Andre!


Andre giving me a hug after winning Lisbon Long distance Triathlon…one of many achievments together with Andre



Nomination for female athlete of the year

Yesterday i recieved the news that i have been nomindated for the female athlete of the year at the yearly Sporting Gala that will take place on the 1st of July.

Its a true honor to just be nominated. I was nominated last year, but that year the great long distance runner and world class athlete Sara Moreira won the award.

Unfortenatley i wont be able to be present as i will be representing Sporting in cycling on the National Championship, which will also be a true honor.

Im just very thankful to be nominated, its the best recognition for all the hard work i put in every day

Obrigada Sporting Clube de Portugal


From the Sporting Gala in 2014

Working towards next objective

After a few days of recovery from the very intense race month it’s time to pick-up the training again and work towards next goal, the National Championship in time trial (cycling) that will take place on the 1st of July.

I was National Champion back in 2014 and I would really like to go away with another medal this year. This year is extra special as I’m representing Sporting Clube De Portugal in cycling. It’s actually the first time in the clubs history that they have female cycling.

During the coming 3 weeks the bike will be priority and ill drop swim and running intensity to put all focus on the bike. I will lose some swim and run fitness during this period, but the bike is priority now. I need to get stronger and faster! The time trial is flat out over 20km.


Victory in Sabugal

The shape seem to stay and i managed to support the team to achieve a second place on Saturday and Winning the team relay on Sunday. This has put us in the lead of the National Championship together with Rio Maior and it will all depend on the last stage that will take place in October.

Despite being very tired mentally and needing some time away from racing i did a very good performance both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we raced over the olympic distance. The bike course was hard which is to my advantage. I believe that we could have won the stage, but we didnt quite work well as a team on the strategical part and therefore we lost to Rio Maior.


Podium from Saturday


Managed to get 3rd among the seniors Saturday 

On sunday we raced over the super sprint (300m swim +7km bike + 2km run), it was flat out from the beginning. I could feel my legs right from the start, i was very tired. I did the 2nd leg out of 3 and despite the pain i managed to open a crucial gap of over 3 minutes to the team in 2nd place and 5 min to the team in 3rd place before i handed over to my team mate racing the last leg of the relay.


Winning the team relay on Sunday with my team mates Helena and Ines

Now its time to get back to training and prepare the National Championship in Time trial (cycling)



No time to breathe between races…

There is almost no time to breathe between the races ;o)

I’m back racing again this weekend with the purpose to support the team at the 2nd stage of the National Championship for teams that will take place in Sabugal.

On Saturday we are racing over the Olympic distance and on Sunday we have a team relay on the schedule where each athlete will race a super sprint. I really enjoy racing relays, so looking forward to Sunday.

We are currently in 3rd position but the idea is trying taking the lead after this weekend.

I feel a bit “empty” after the Europeans that was my major goal of the season. I litterly gave everything i had… Despite that I will do everything to support the team this weekend…