Thank you Coach Campos

Back in 2010 I started to be coached by Andre. At first Andre just coached me in swimming and later on became my coach in all disciplines when I joined Sporting in 2011.

Before 2010 I didn’t take triathlon so serious, but by having a good coach by my side and seeing developments on each and every workout gave me the motivating to strive for more, to reach another level. I wanted to become the best I could with my capacities (time, physical and mental capacities) since 2010 when I won my first Portuguese cup many titles and medals have been won…

I have won 4 European medals (3 gold & 1 silver), I became National Champion in cycling, I won various national races…I could go on and on about every single medal that I have won. At the race day it’s the athlete standing on the start line, but there is always a great coach behind every single achievement. A coach that is there with you every single day of the long and sometimes very hard journey…

Looking back i could not have chosen a better coach. Its not always been an easy journey, but we surley succeeded many times.Thank you Andre for all these years and for all the support you have given me. We still have some objectives left for this season and I know we will do our utmost to achieve them…

Obrigada Andre!


Andre giving me a hug after winning Lisbon Long distance Triathlon…one of many achievments together with Andre



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