Last race before vacay!

The last race is around the corner, National championship over the Olympic distance and then finally 2 weeks off. I need vacation!

After the Europeans i dropped the volume of swim and run to focus on the bike right after the Europeans with the aim to perform well during the Nationals in cycling.

Dropping the run was never really an issue as i recover it quite fast, however its really hard for me to recover on the swim. Im like dead last in all the exercises when training with the kids and i have to take many deep breathes not to give in. Its  frustrating spending so many hours in the pool every year and not improving or recovering fast after a shorter break. But that´s life when you train with speedy youngsters and your own evolution curve has stagnated and you realize you aint getting any better, no drama…

Im heading to the Nationals with no objectives, hoping i wont be too far back after the swim. Ill try to push on the bike and run with whatever that is left in the legs..

Lets see…



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