Finished 3rd Senior and 6th Overall yesterday at the Nationals in Olympic Distance.

Congrats to team mates Liliana on renewing her title as National Champion and to Helena for your 2nd place…


Podium Senior

I don´t know what i was expecting from the race, but im not quite satisfied with my performance.

The race started off bad with a swim where wet suit was not allowed. If the water temperature reaches certain temperature the the athletes are not allowed to ware the wet suit. Im not a good swimmer and removing the wet suit is just crap…

The swim was supposed to be 1500m, but it turned out to be 1900m, so i lost even more time than usual.

sEtubal 1

out of the water

I worked very well on the bike together with another girl and  actually thought that we would minimize the gap. The output of our effort was minimal and we arrived to the run 2 min 30 sec behind.

The run was painful , running 10,5km in 38-39 degrees hurts!

I need to get some rest now.No training, no racing and just enjoy the summer for a while. Its been a quite busy year so far and i really need a break. If all goes as planned ill start to prepare last races of this season in the middle of august…

Setubal 2

Running in the heat…


The future is bright, but different…

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