A sucker for statistics…

This week im doing a bit of what i call “preparation for vacation training”  to start my complete rest as of Saturday. Its quite hard when you are used to train twice a day to just stop one day to the other. Despite being tired and needing to rest im so used to the training that i need to adapt myself to my resting period, adapt to break the daily routines.

I have always been a bit of a sucker for training registers and keeping a log of what i have done every day. Its very useful to keep track of “every day of the process”. I keep track of kilometers that i swim, bike and run, how i felt, time on series etc…Before i started to be coached by Andre i used notebooks, but Andre has created a very good register in excel for his athletes that is much easier to update and gives interesting statistics..

In the beginning of the season we are always asked to set the objectives for the coming season. Its good to look back on them now and realize that i met all of them, even exceeded in some…

Im really happy that i managed my main 2 objectives which were; medal at the Europeans (Won 2 GOLD medals) and a medal at the Nationals in time trial (Won the bronze). I did 7th at the Nationals on the road race. I did qualify for Quarteira and i have supported my team. I did win the international long distance race in Lisbon as well, but that was not a main objective. The objective for the 10km run below 40 min  was completed during the Europeans when i ran the last 10km on the Olympic distance at 39´30″. So, to summarize, im very happy with the results that i have achieved.


2016 Season objectives

Ill pick up my training on the 15th of August and start to prepare my last two races of this season.

Below are the graphs of what i have been swimming, biking and running so far this season…as i mentioned, im a sucker for training registers 😉







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