Gone to soon…

I had the privilege to get to know David when I started practicing Triathlon. He was working as a speaker at the Portuguese triathlon federation at the time and his voice, happiness and knowledge about the sport was admirable.

It was David who gave me the nick name “Coach Larsson” after spending numerous hours of training together on the track, we had so much fun. I shall always remember when I won my first stage of the Portuguese Triathlon Cup in Vila Nova de Gaia. I was approaching the finish line and David was standing with the microphone in his hand. He was smiling and I remember how we happily told everyone that Coach Larsson was approaching the finish line as the winner. I also remember that I had lost my chip during the race and I was constantly asking him if I would be disqualified. He calmed me down and said that there would be no disqualification; “The victory is yours Coach Larsson”


Good old times..


Having fun after a track workout…

In 2014 David fainted and fell while training and the doctors detected a brain tumor. He won the first battle, but In 2016 the cancer came back and on the evening of the 22nd of august the cancer won and he could finally rest in peace at the young age of 38…

I was by his side the last months of his life. Before his last surgery in June we had a nice sushi dinner at his sister’s place and we discussed sports, David loved sports. Despite his illness his eyes were shining and he loved to discuss the subject. He had an incredible knowledge about the subject and could discuss anything from Nordic skiing to cycling…

Despite his terrible disease David always kept the spirit high. I shall never forget the days before the Europeans in Lisbon. I spent quite some time with him that week. Four days before the race we did a carbo loading together and he gave me the famous Bolo de Azeite from Fundão. He told me it would give me some extra power, and it did. It really touched me when David showed up, despite his weakness,  for the prize ceremony to see me receive my first medal, a medal that will always be our medal…


David showed up to see me get my first medal…Thank you David for sharing this moment with me

Coach Larsson will miss you so much… you had so much more to live, so much more to give…

RIP David Vaz




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