Last triathlon race for this season…

I’m starting to recover from Sundays half Ironman and Saturday I’m racing the last triathlon race for this season, the final of the National Championship for clubs. We will race a time trial over the sprint distance, which means that the three elements of the team have to swim, bike and run together. I really enjoy team time trials; it’s a strategic race and a real team effort.

We are currently in 2nd place but we have the possibility to leave as champions. We need to win the final on Saturday and Rio Maior triathlon team, who is currently in first place, has to come 3rd.

Everything is possible….Lets pick a fight ladies


Finish line Cascais Triathlon


Victory in Cascais

If you asked me if i thought i would do a good race and win the whole thing on Friday i would have said no, but i did! I won Cascais Long distance triathlon. 

As i wrote in my last post i haven not been feeling great during the last two weeks and i knew that competition would be stronger this year, but somehow i managed to pull myself together and execute the best half Ironman race i have ever done. I was feeling very good physically but this race was on my mental strength.


7:30 am pre race face…

I left the water in 2nd, but after 15km on the bike i took the lead and i never looked back. I was waiting for Vanessa, who is a professional long distance triathlete to catch me on the bike, but she didn’t. I came in to T2 with a 2 min lead over Vanessa and around 5 min lead over Ana Filipa Santos, another very good athlete.


Leaving the water


Pushing the bike

I ran of in a stable pace 4´20-4´30/km and i was just waiting for them to catch me, but they didn’t. At 10km i was feeling great and increased the speed. At 15km i realized that i would win the race. I had opened up a gap of 5 min to Vanessa and more than 9 min to Ana Filip Santos.


Heading out on the run

I had the most amazing support from all my team mates, the crowed and my coach Andre, thank you! It was just one of those fantastic days with perfect execution.


The podium

I dedicate this victory to David Vaz and Jorge Malhado. I know you guys were watching over me from above…


After the race together with David´s sister and her children…


Race time

Tomorrow Im racing my last long distance race for the season, Cascais long distance triathlon. Last year i was 2nd but this year the competition is stronger and a very strong performance is needed to get on the podium tomorrow.

Long distance is about physical preparation, but its more about the mental part. Its a race that takes around 4-5 hours and you have to stay focused and set the right pace throughout the race. I noticed this earlier this year when i won Lisbon International long distance triathlon. I was not the best athlete on the start line if results were compared with the others, but that day i was mentally strong. I coped very well with the stormy weather and for the first time in a long distance triathlon i showed what i could actually do on the bike when my mind was set in the right direction.

The preparation for the race has not gone quite as i have expected. I have missed some important workouts during the past weeks. I have just not had the energy to cope. The past month has been hard. In August i lost my dear friend David in cancer. His death, despite knowing he wasnt going to make it took hard on me. Last week i lost my friend and colleague Jorge Malhado. He lost his battle against cancer and passed away on the 15th of September…Despite knowing that David and Jorge would not win the battle you are never prepared to lose anyone, never…

Ill see what the outcome will be tomorrow. Ill do my best.

After this race i have another two races on the schedule. On October the 1st im racing the finals at the National championship for teams (time trial)  and on the 5th of October im doing my first track race on a bike.

After the 5th of October i will rest. I have kept up with this regime and life style for 6 years now. Body and mind needs a well deserved rest…


Race weekend

Its missing less than two weeks till my next important race, Cascais Long Distance triathlon (Half Ironman). 


Last year i finished 2nd but this year the competition will be harder… its good to see that more girls are participating. The bike course has changed this year and it has become a quite challenging course…Lets see how ill cope.


To prepare for this race i raced twice the past weekend. Saturday i raced a sprint distance triathlon in Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) and on Sunday a road race in Sobral.

Did a 3rd place overall and 2nd Senior on Saturday and on Sunday i did 2nd Overall.


Podium on Saturday – Triathlon


Podium on Sunday – cycling

Sportings triathlon team making history

Tomorrow four of Sportings triathletes (Andre Dias, Helena Carvalho, Liliana Alexandre and Ze Felicio) will make history by participating in the European Championship for Clubs. Its the first time that ETU, European Triathlon Union hosts this event. Sportings team qualified for this event during the qualification races that took place early this season.

The race is a mixed relay, two woman and two men. Each athlete will race over the super sprint distance (300m swim + 6,6km bike and 1,8km run). Fast racing!!!

The competition is fierce but im sure they will have lots of fun.

All the best of Luck team and congrats to Coach Campos for this historical step in your project.


Start list for tomorrows race

As for me, im preparing the next race, Cascais Long distance triathlon that will take place on the 24th of September. So far preparation is going well and im sure ill be ready to race when time comes..