Its a wrap…

Season 2016 has come to an end….

It could not have finished in a better way with a Victory at my first track race at the bike festival in Tavira. Racing on a track was scary and so much fun at the same time. The atmosphere was amazing and we had good fun with Sportings professional cycling team.




warming up with the professional cyclist Rinaldo Nocentini, that is riding for Sporting this year. He had the yellow jersey in Tour de France back in 2009…respect

This season didn’t start with head wind in my back. A knee surgery and some bad racing in the beginning of the year made me doubt if i could accomplish with what i wanted for this season. The head wind turned to tail wind and i accomplished more than i was expecting..

Victory at the International long distance race in Lisbon, 2 gold medals at the AG Europeans in Lisbon, Victory at Cascais long distance Triathlon and a bronze medal at the Nationals in cycling. I could definitely  not have asked for more…

I guess it shows that six years of full dedication, well during all my free time, has paid off. Hard work and dedication always does in the end…I might have missed out on some stuff due to my dedication to triathlon, but i never regret it for one single minute. Its worth it!


Full Speed on the track…

There are so many people that have been supporting me this season that i want to thank. A big thanks to my coach Andre Campos and my great team mates. To Comcorpus clinic for recovering my knee after the surgery and that has kept my body and knee in top shape to be able to do what i love. To Spiuk and Prozis for providing me with great products. To my family, godmother and friends. It was very special to share all these moments with you…

Thank you, Tack, Obrigada

Now its time to get some well deserved rest…


” It was my best season so far…”

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