The times are changing…

Just got a call from coach Andre, the season has started and Sporting Triathlon team did great with 3 overall podiums. I felt happy and proud over the results, but yet i cant help to feel a little sadness in my stomach… A sadness over that i wasn’t there a sadness of understanding that the time has come… its time to move on to a new phase of my life…

Sports and competition has been my biggest passion in life since i was a child. I participated in my first race at the age of 5 and since then i have had the most amazing journey within sports and managed to reach a level i never thought was possible. I have managed to get the best i could ever be with my physical and mental capacities.

I had my first knee surgery back in 2013 and last year i had my second one. My back and hip has been hurting for quite some time, but i have always managed to cope with the pain…

I shall never forget what my surgeon told me after my knee surgery last year “Larsson, i dont understand how you have managed to get this far with the body you have” with the body he meant a bad back, hip and two damaged knees. Im 32, but my knees, back and hip is 60. I feel good now, but if i want to keep some kind of quality of life i need to reduce the load and races.

I knew this time would come, but after every season i always extended my goals and wanted more and more. But after 2016 it was different. In 2016 i executed a perfect season, beyond anything i could have dreamed off. Two European gold medals, victory in two  long distance races, beating professional athletes… I know i will never be able to repeat 2016 and i dont want to. It would not be fare to ask more of myself.

I feel a feeling that i never thought i would feel, i feel satisfied. I never felt it before. Its been 6 years of full dedication. It was never easy to cope with a full time job and pushing myself through two workouts a day. But it was needed and worth it to reach the level i reached. I have experienced moments and so much joy that will remain as beautiful memories for all my life.

Its not easy to leave the stage of racing on a higher level even if i feel satisfied… it feels a bit empty and some weird strange feeling of sadness.

I will not leave the triathlon world or the team. I want to help the team to become national champions this year which means that ill do some shorter racing. I will also do some cycling races for fun. I also wish to be able to help the younger generation, the future champions to reach their goals and to support them during workouts.

Sporting triathlon team will always be my second family!

Ill continue to update my blog with news about this new stage of my life…


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