Algarve next

Tomorrow ill start my Triathlon season…

We are heading to Algarve to race the first stage of the National Championships for teams. We aim to win the Nationals this year, its the only collective title we miss. Last year this was my first race after the  knee surgery. A race that didn’t go well at all. The first two races of the season were always very important as they are the qualification races for the European Cup in Quarteira. Last year i managed to qualify to Quarteira after doing better on the second race. I represented Portugal’s National Team for the past 3 years in Quarteira…

…This year will be different. Im not racing for any qualification and my mind is set on the team. Its different and yes it feels a bit strange, but yet good.

My fitness is not the best, average. I would say its an output of what i invest in the training these days. I dont train that many hours anymore, around 12/week, some weeks a bit more/less.

Lets see what tomorrow will bring. It will be good to join the team and see the young guns perform well.

Lets go Sporting!


Another race pic from the good old days


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