Having so much fun

The very good feeling and positive outcome on races continuous.

Racing, after many years has become pure fun and I enjoy it more than ever. It seems by having this relaxed approach I’m performing better than ever.

Did another great race at the Portuguese cup this weekend over the sprint distance. Finished 5th overall in a very competitive field and 3rd senior. I was the first member from Sportings female Tri-team to cross the finish line, but we just finished 3rd overall. It was great to share the podium with the Olympic silver medalist in Triathlon, Vanessa Fernandes. Vanessa is back to triathlon after a longer break. Its amazing to see that girl race.

The race went well from start to finish and I ended up doing the 3rd best run of the day. Its interesting to see how I’m doing my best run splits now that I’m training less run. Never put in so few running hours. I know I have a lot of training in the luggage that gives me some base, but I haven’t been training speed for a long time. However I still believe that more training is needed to improve… but in my case I have found the perfect balance. the balance that fits my body. Im doing less sessions with more quality.

The swim was also another positive segment. The sea was stormy and my past as a surfer came to my advantage. I had so much fun swimming, battling the waves. I just left the water 20 seconds after Vanessa.

Its funny how mother nature can change the natural outcome of the swim segment to something completely different.

Now I will have a break from racing for some weeks and focus on the bike. I do have one individual objective this season which is the nationals in time trial. I want a medal and i will fight for it.





Some weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a photo shoot for the most popular cycling magazine in Portugal, Ciclismo a Fundo.

The idea of the shoot was to capture the beauty of the athletic female body.

It was a different session, but I liked it very much. Despite not wearing any clothes I felt comfortable and I’m very happy with the result.

Thank you Gonçalo Barriga and Ciclismo a Fundo for this oportunity.

The magazine, Ciclismo a Fundo is out now, get your copy




Challenge Lisboa – 2nd at the battle of the sexes

If you ask me which race I have enjoyed racing more during all these years I will probably say this one, the battle of the sexes of the first edition of Challenge Lisboa.

Finishing 2nd overall, only losing to Melanie Santos, U23 World and European bronze medalist was just a great bonus. The 3rd place went to an English woman. This meant that the men didn’t manage to catch us, girl power.


The Overall podium

It was great taking part of a race with such a stature. Challenge is one of the biggest brands in the world organizing triathlon races.

The weather, organization and the atmosphere was just fantastic. I love that fact about triathlon. World class athletes mixing with age groupers and the once that are in it for fun. We are one big happy family.


Melanie and I 

I had no idea how did race would go. It was my first Olympic distance of the season, not so much training in the luggage and a different approach.

The swim went well. Melanie took off fast and I was chasing behind. We isolated ourselves from the rest as soon as the gun went off.

I was out of from T1 about 2 minutes after her and I did all I could to catch her on the bike. My effort wasn’t enough and some lack of fitness made my mission impossible.


another great shot by “That camera man” – lovely pictures

I also knew that Melanie is a much better runner than I am so I would need to gain quite some time on the 45km.


pushing the bike

I came into T2 isolated in 2nd place and enjoyed the last 11km on the run, even stopped for some selfies.

We were received at the finish line with a huge media attention and we were all smiles.

I had so much fun and I simply love everything about this sport, it makes me happy!

Unfortunately my dear friend from Sweden, Mikaela didn’t finish her half Ironman due to a heat stroke. But she did a great swim/bike and was battling the best woman in the world…well done Mikaela


Race morning

Big thanks for the challenge family for inviting me, loved the experience


Melanie and myself at the finish line – all smiles



Challenge Lisboa

I have good memories from last years half ironman in Lisbon where i, against all odds won the race. It was probably one of my best moments so far in my triathlon “career”

This year im not training for longer distances so i was invited by the organisation to participate in the battle of the sexes tomorrow. The woman will start 16 minutes ahead of the men. The woman will try not to be caught by any man. The one who crosses the finish line first, man or woman wins. The race will be a bit longer than the olympic distance, 1.5km swim + 45km bike and finally 10.5km run. The bike is non drafting which will suit me well as i plan to go flat out on the bike.

The start field is good and it will be interesting to see how my fitness is tomorrow. I have felt very consistent during the last week and last weekend i did another great race in Leiria finishing 4th overall and 2nd senior in a competetive filed. Was actually leading that race into T2, but did some strategical mistakes on the run that caused me the overall podium.

Im sure it will be good fun racing tomorrow. I will also support my Swedish friend and pro athlete Mikaela who will race the half ironman. She has been in Lisbon for a bit more than 2 weeks training with Sportings Triathlon team. Its been great having her around. She is such a positive person and has been a great support to me.

Go Mikaela, go!

Mikaela and me

Myself and Mikaela before an open water swim session with Sporting´s Triathlon team