Challenge Lisboa

I have good memories from last years half ironman in Lisbon where i, against all odds won the race. It was probably one of my best moments so far in my triathlon “career”

This year im not training for longer distances so i was invited by the organisation to participate in the battle of the sexes tomorrow. The woman will start 16 minutes ahead of the men. The woman will try not to be caught by any man. The one who crosses the finish line first, man or woman wins. The race will be a bit longer than the olympic distance, 1.5km swim + 45km bike and finally 10.5km run. The bike is non drafting which will suit me well as i plan to go flat out on the bike.

The start field is good and it will be interesting to see how my fitness is tomorrow. I have felt very consistent during the last week and last weekend i did another great race in Leiria finishing 4th overall and 2nd senior in a competetive filed. Was actually leading that race into T2, but did some strategical mistakes on the run that caused me the overall podium.

Im sure it will be good fun racing tomorrow. I will also support my Swedish friend and pro athlete Mikaela who will race the half ironman. She has been in Lisbon for a bit more than 2 weeks training with Sportings Triathlon team. Its been great having her around. She is such a positive person and has been a great support to me.

Go Mikaela, go!

Mikaela and me

Myself and Mikaela before an open water swim session with Sporting´s Triathlon team


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