Having so much fun

The very good feeling and positive outcome on races continuous.

Racing, after many years has become pure fun and I enjoy it more than ever. It seems by having this relaxed approach I’m performing better than ever.

Did another great race at the Portuguese cup this weekend over the sprint distance. Finished 5th overall in a very competitive field and 3rd senior. I was the first member from Sportings female Tri-team to cross the finish line, but we just finished 3rd overall. It was great to share the podium with the Olympic silver medalist in Triathlon, Vanessa Fernandes. Vanessa is back to triathlon after a longer break. Its amazing to see that girl race.

The race went well from start to finish and I ended up doing the 3rd best run of the day. Its interesting to see how I’m doing my best run splits now that I’m training less run. Never put in so few running hours. I know I have a lot of training in the luggage that gives me some base, but I haven’t been training speed for a long time. However I still believe that more training is needed to improve… but in my case I have found the perfect balance. the balance that fits my body. Im doing less sessions with more quality.

The swim was also another positive segment. The sea was stormy and my past as a surfer came to my advantage. I had so much fun swimming, battling the waves. I just left the water 20 seconds after Vanessa.

Its funny how mother nature can change the natural outcome of the swim segment to something completely different.

Now I will have a break from racing for some weeks and focus on the bike. I do have one individual objective this season which is the nationals in time trial. I want a medal and i will fight for it.




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