That was the feeling after Fridays time trial finishing 4th, 27 second from the bronze medal and 28 second from silver.


I somehow knew that a medal would be hard as I have not been training as much as last year and my fitness is not great, but there is always a hope somewhere…that little hope.

I have done the Nationals 4 times now and for the first time I liked the course and thought it would fit me well. It wasn’t flat, but the hills were ok, at least that’s what they felt like during the course recognition.

A time trial is by far the hardest competition you can do, at least for me. You go flat out for almost 23km. The heart is pumping at its max and there is a strange blood taste in your mouth, Its painful. To be able to perform well you need to be able to push yourself hard when all the body wants is to stop. I’m good at that :o)

I went out flat out, maybe too fast. Maybe I should have gone out slower, but I turned on the gas right from the beginning. I kept a good pace till about 10km and then I felt quite tired and the headwind was getting strong. I passed four girls during the course and I knew I was doing a good race, but I wasn’t controlling the girls that started after me.

Waiting for the result was nerve wracking… I hoped that my performance would have given me a medal, but it didn’t. When I found out I was 4th I got very disappointed… deep down, being as competitive as I am I wanted more.

I gave it all out there, didn’t leave any energy. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I should be satisfied. I’m competing against girls that only focuses on cycling and that surely has been training more than me for the race. So…in the end the result was fair.

Now ill get back to focus a bit more on the swim as ill race a few triathlon races in July


After the race with the junior men from Sporting Tavira… and the great crew! 

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