I might not have any individual objectives this season and I might not train that hard, but honestly, there is nothing that makes me happier than training and racing.

I get nervous, its stressful, but I love it… its part of me


All smiles before the start

One cannot leave the stage in one day, it must be gradually.

This weekend we raced in Cuba, Alentejo. I finished 2nd overall, 1st senior and the team won.

I did a good race. After focusing on the bike for some time I put on the triathlon suit again. I was a bit worried with my swim as its usually my stress momentum.

My swim was better than expected, felt strong on the bike and ran with what I had left in the body. I can feel lack of training, but my body knows the drill by now ;o)


Entering T2, just missing to run 5km…

All team members did great! Helena won, me in 2nd, Ines 3rd and Lucia 4th… we dominated.


Happy passing the finish line in 2nd

Now ill focus on training for about 2 weeks then its race time again.

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