One step closer…

After this weekend’s victory at one of the last stages at the Portuguese cup we are one step closer to take home the overall victory this season.

Its missing two races and we must win one of them…

It will be a close battle between us and Alhandra Sporting club.

As for my performance, I’m very pleased with 3rd overall and 2nd senior.

We have had a few days of quite some high temperatures and I knew the heat would be a factor as the race was set at 4pm. I spent all the day at the race venue, supporting our youngsters during their races. Its so much fun watching the young onse race. Im happy that i can support and share my experience with them.

The swim was without wetsuit as the water temperature was above 22 degrees. Swimming without a wetsuit is not something that I appreciate at all. I’m a swimmer that doesn’t use the legs very much and my legs tend to drag me a bit down and worsening my position in the water.

The swim didn’t go well. Had to struggle to get to the first buoy as I had a girl beating me constantly and I couldn’t swim properly. She was blocking my stroke completely. had to stop and yell at her at one point. These days I don’t stress that much if the swim doesn’t go my way, because I know I have a better bike than all the girls in the field. I still make a difference on the bike.

I went out on the bike and hammered and before passing the 5km mark I was in the front pack, leading the race.

I was feeling good.

Everything would come down to the run. The heat was painful when we went out for the last 5km. The course was a mix of tarmac, sand and gravel.

I tried to go with the first two girls, but lost them after 1km.

I ran the last 4km with the girl who did 4th. When it was missing 200m I did sprint and could pass the finish line in 3rd.

I’m happy with my performance and the performance of the team. Its good to see the younger girls performing better and better…

Now its time to rest a bit and next week its finally time to race at home in Malmö…cant wait

Sporting Tri-team

Sportings female triathlon team – Happy after another victory!!



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