Victory at the Portuguese Cup

Sunday, we secured the overall victory at the Portuguese Cup in triathlon for teams.

We have been racing 10 stages and this race was decisive. The battle was between our team and Alhandra.

I could not have finished off this important race better than with an individual victory. It was the first time I took the tape this season. There is always something about crossing the finish line in first place…


The overall podium

For some reason, I was quite nervous prior to the race, woke up with a very sore throat and wasn’t feeling that well. For the first time, despite being a team race I felt the pressure of a perfect execution, haven’t had that pressure on myself for a while…

I did what I expected of myself and executed a perfect race. I swam with my team mates, took off hard on the bike and caught the first girls during the first lap on the bike. Two girls didn’t manage the hammering pace and fell behind.

I was feeling strong over the hilly course.

I entered in the transition together with a girl from Alhandra, but opened strong on the run and went away. I managed to win with a bit more than a minute and it was just great to take the tape and to know that we had won the Portuguese cup.

Ill rest a few days not until I start to prepare the last races of this season…





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