Rainy Lisbon…

The rain is pouring down in Lisbon. Actually the weather has been quite bad this spring, very unstable

I hope its doesn’t rain tomorrow, dont like to race in rain as the tarmac becomes slippery…





The pre-race workout is done: 2km swim + 30km bike and to finish a 2km run. Maybe some find it strange that we dont rest before the race, but in fact its much better to do a light workout the day before a race as you stimulate the muscles…

This morning i was wondering why on earth i dont have a bigger car or a jeep. Transporting the bike in my Skoda Fabia isnt always easy and the car is full of oil…IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Now ill get some rest, start to prepare the material for tomorrow and of course follow the wedding between Madeleine and Chris 🙂


Wish you all a great weekend!!!


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