The sun is shining….

I hope you had a very nice midsummer.

We had a very good time.

The sun is shining today and its going to be a warm day. My morning workout is done. We did a brick (bike+ run) in Monsanto. We did 3x (3km on the bike + 1km run) Im very tired from the past week, but i did a nice workout…

My knee has been irritating me a bit. Thursday i went for a run and i hit a branch with the foot and my knee twist a bit. I felt a small pain. I guess that after a surgery you are always a bit paranoid and react to any kind of pain. The doctors are saying that the pain is normal and i shouldnt worry.

This american warship Eisenhower is in Lisbon and we will go and see it this afternoon.


Starting to get a bit nervous 😉 tomorrow evening ill show the swimsuits on TV….The TV show i wrote about, SPLASH!!!

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