Suffering from the start till the end…

I knew that it would be a challenging race…. It was terrible! from the start till i crossed the finish line and collapsed…the heat killed me, awful.

Finished 5th over all, 1st Senior and 2nd in Teams…so, in terms of results it was ok. But i, like all other athletes didn’t enjoy this race.



The swim was a clear disappointment, it was terrible. Never swam so bad in a race. The water temperature measured 22 C, so we were not allowed use the swim suit. I was in a water war to the first buoy, i was hit over and over again. Started to get some flow after passing the first buoy, but it was too late.



Abrantes swim


First transition went well, but as i came out of the water so late i didnt catch any good group and i had to do the hard work on the bike. The course was very hilly and the heat was starting to bother me. (40 C and no wind)

The run was hard, the heat had got to me! No energy, knocked out from the heat i just wanted to cross that finish line…

Now its time to rest…

Next weekend im racing a 10km race (run)



Sporting dream Team (just the guys)

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