A medal…


During the past years i have won some medals… some more special than others

But how important are these medals and what do they represent for me as an athlete?

Medals 009


Medals from my triathlon “Career”


Every medal means a lot to me.

My day starts at 6 am and usually finish around 11pm, sometimes even later. I train, work and study at the same time. People around me usually don’t understand how i manage everything. I guess i was born with a bit more energy than usual 😉

When i race, i race against girls that just train and go to school. Some of them live in the training centers and have all conditions to train hard and rest. I don’t say that its unfair, its part of the game. But i give extra credits to the girls that are working, training hard, with family and managing to perform well on races.

When i achieve good results or win a race, t means quite a lot to me. All the hard work is paying off and i cant help being very proud of myself 🙂 Working, studying and managing to be one of Portugal´s best female triathletes…

So, yes…My medals are important to me, they motivate me…

Below is my medal from the European Champs

Medals 010


My Stromp Medal – A very prestigious prize that was given to me by Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Medals 011



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