It has passed quite some time since i wrote last.

Going back a few weeks…

When i last wrote i had one more race to complete before my summer break, a road race (bike) in Estrela de Serra. The course was stunning, but hard. Out of 80km we climbed about 50km. Did a solid performance and finished 2nd.  

Yesterday i returned from USA where i have spent two amazing weeks with Andre.


We went to visit my older brother Peder and his girlfriend in Boston. Boston is a lovely city and i would not mind to live there. One of the high lights during our stay in Boston was to go and see the Red Sox play. I have just seen baseball on TV before. It took some time to understand the game which i believe is key to be able to enjoy it.


On the Roof top


Red Sox game

Besides Boston we spend four days in my favorite city New York and did a road trip to Portland. New York is always great to return to, there is something about that city.


Central Park


One World Trade Center


The gang in One World Trade Center

Portland offered beautiful scenery and great food.


Sunrise in Portland


Dinner in Portland

It was really good to have two weeks break from my daily training routines. I believe it’s very important to take a break in the middle of the season to get motivation to train for the remaining part of the season.

Today i started to swim again. I have six weeks to prepare my next race, half Ironman in Cascais…

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