Cascais Long Distance Triatlhon

Sunday it’s time to race again. It’s time for the Half Ironman in Cascais that i have been preparing for the last 6 weeks. It’s the 3rd time racing over the Half Ironman distance. I feel that i have not yet showed all my capacities over the distance, but i also know that i need more races and more experience to do a good race.

LD 2

Click on the picture and check out the site

I have done my utmost to cope with training and the heavy and stressful work load over the past period and i feel that i could have not done more.

Expectations for Sunday…well, i would like to improve the bike segment. In the previous races i have clearly lacked focus during the bike.

The race is part of the National Championship for teams in long distance and i want to race good to contribute to a good team result.

I will do my best and enjoy racing over a very beautiful course!

LD start list

The start list for Sunday

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