Podium in Lousã

This weekend i completed another preparation race. It’s just missing two weeks to the long distance race in Cascais…

I did a 100km bike race in Lousã, Portugal.


Before the start

The course was very similar to the one i did in Serra de Estrela, Climbing, climbing and more climbing. However, compared to Serra de Estrela, the hills had perfect inclination and i managed to climb in a good speed.

We were about 1000 athletes racing over two different distances, 100km and 172km. I’m assuming we were about 30-40 girls racing over the shorter distance.


Joao, Carlos and Myself before the start…

Despite all the training and the fact that i had woken up at 4am i felt great from the start and i passed one girl after the other till i reached my final position which was a 2nd place.


The boys pushing me up the hill


Good sensations, beautiful nature and great company!!


The podium…

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