Swim, Bike….and Run…

It’s missing a bit more than a month to the European Age Group Championships that will take place in Lisbon. This race will be my main goal this season and it’s special as I will race in Lisbon.

I have decided to race over the sprint and Olympic distance. The sprint race is on Friday the 27th of May and the Olympic distance race is on Sunday the 29th.

I will race twice before the Europeans. First up is on the 30th of April in Leiria and then ill race the half Ironman in Lisbon on the 7th of May.

Training has been going very well, especially the swim and bike. I’m finally starting to feel good in the water and enjoying the bike workouts a lot. The struggle at the moment is the run. I lost a lot while I was stopped for almost 4 months due to the knee injury and I have not managed to recover any good run shape. Last night I went to the track and did 12×400, first track session in 7 months. Ouch, it was very painful. I have the lungs, but the legs are not cooperating at the moment.

The focus during the coming weeks will be on the run. I really need to get back to a solid running shape again…


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