Victory in Sabugal

The shape seem to stay and i managed to support the team to achieve a second place on Saturday and Winning the team relay on Sunday. This has put us in the lead of the National Championship together with Rio Maior and it will all depend on the last stage that will take place in October.

Despite being very tired mentally and needing some time away from racing i did a very good performance both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we raced over the olympic distance. The bike course was hard which is to my advantage. I believe that we could have won the stage, but we didnt quite work well as a team on the strategical part and therefore we lost to Rio Maior.


Podium from Saturday


Managed to get 3rd among the seniors Saturday 

On sunday we raced over the super sprint (300m swim +7km bike + 2km run), it was flat out from the beginning. I could feel my legs right from the start, i was very tired. I did the 2nd leg out of 3 and despite the pain i managed to open a crucial gap of over 3 minutes to the team in 2nd place and 5 min to the team in 3rd place before i handed over to my team mate racing the last leg of the relay.


Winning the team relay on Sunday with my team mates Helena and Ines

Now its time to get back to training and prepare the National Championship in Time trial (cycling)



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