My new helmet from Spiuk :)

I have been feeling very tired the past week. Its not due to the race, but rather the long trip we did last weekend. Its amazing how a long trip damages you body…

The training has been hard and will be hard for another month. This week i had some few very hard workouts. The track workout on Wednesday ( 2x (3×800 +2×400) didnt go quite as expected, but i completed it. Its important when we are training hard to keep the focus on the objectives, finding the main reason why we are putting ourselves through a huge amount of pain.

This weekend ill have another 7-8 hours of training. Hills on the bike and run on Saturday followed by a 120km bike ride on Sunday with series (3x15min Z4).


But its not all about suffering! Today i got a picture of my new time trial helmet that i will get from my sponsor Spiuk 😀 simply love it!!! I will use it when i compete in the European Age Group championship and the time trial races ill do this summer. Thank you Spiuk for all your support.



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