Start list is out

The start list for Kitzbühel is out. We are 23 girls in my Age Group (25-29), nothing compared to the 77 girls at the World championships in London last year.


What i did learn from London is that it’s almost impossible to set any objectives for a race like this. I don’t know the level of the other girls. I missed out on a medal in London due to my run. I was leading the race till the run and my level was simply not enough to fight for a medal. I was very happy with my 7th place. However, i can admit that i want more for this race, but there is no point setting too high goals as there will be a risk of getting disappointed. André always tell me that the only thing i should focus on is getting in as good shape as possible and do my race. I’m very happy that mum and dad will be there watching me racing. Its always very special to have them around.

Training is going well. I’m still suffering some pain in my right knee, but it’s controlled. I did a few hard workouts this week, 2x (3×1000+2×400) on the track  Wednesday. It was hard! I suffered quite a lot. Thank god i had the support of André and dad. Mum and dad came down to Lisbon Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty bad, so they have not been able to enjoy the beach.

Today we did 30x100m in the pool, a mental challenge.

The weekend will be full of workouts and tomorrow (Saturday) I’m participating in another event with my sponsor Compressport  🙂

And of course, not to miss this weekend! The best athletes in the world will race WTS (World Triathlon Series) London. The Swedish athlete Lisa Norden will be back racing in WTS events. I think they will broadcast it on Swedish TV.

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