National Champion

I did it!!! Im National Champion in time trial (bike). 

I was the fastest girl riding those 19.3km.



It almost feels a bit good to be true. First the European gold medal and now im the National Champion in time trial. The Europeans and the time trial were my main objectives for this season.

I must admit that i was not expecting to win this race. I was the first girl to start and the favorites started last. Its always hard to start first, because you dont have any reference.

I took of in full speed and the legs were hurting quite a lot, but not enough to stop me. The course was not easy, quite hilly in fact. I always thought that time trials were flat, but i was clearly wrong. However, i felt pretty good climbing that 3km hill. I tried to do the downhills as fast as possible. I had no idea if i had done a good or bad race when i crossed the finish line, i just knew i had given all i had in those legs.


I think i started to understand that my time must have been quite good as it took a long time for the girl that started after me to show up. She started one minute after me, but i had to wait for quite some time for her to finish.


I always thought that the last girls would beat my time. But that didnt happen! After all the girls had finished they announced it! I was the new National Champion 🙂 I dont know why, but i started to cry. I think it was an accumulation of all emotions i had passed during the past days. I was so happy for my European gold medal, five days later i was national champion in time trial…something i thought would never happen. I had never done a bike race before.

Tomorrow a new challenge lies ahead of me! I will race 120km (bike). We will do 6 laps of 20km. This will be a different story. Im not nervous, ill simply just enjoy the ride and try to learn as much as possible from the race. As many of you might know, road racing is a lot about tactics and i know very little about that when it comes to cycling. Lets hope my legs wont die, they are in desperate need of some rest 😉



Thank you Mario for making this possible!

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